1. Soo all my captions got deleted -.- Still figuring out how to make proper photo posts, ugh.  Anywho, here’re some pictures of my haul this year.  I spend way too much moneys.  Check out the Steven Universe Zine published by Rebecca Sugar (you can’t buy this thing anywhere, it was strictly published just for SPX, NFS. )  It’s mostly a fanart zine, but includes some original art by Rebecca.  Check out the OoT mash-up! *dies*

    Object 10, FTW! Can’t believe I didn’t hear about this guy until 2 weeks ago.  His art reminds me so much of Moebius- this is definitely a good thing. 

    Flesh Sequence by Niv Bavarsky- I love the way this book feels.  The matte cover and metallic ink are so classy- not to mention the art actually INSIDE the book rules too. 

    (Continued on the next post)

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