There are so many ways to protect yourself these days. Some legal, some
illegal, and some in-between. When it comes to defending yourself, there are so many legal self defense weapons to choose from. Guns, for one, are a popular choice among the masses. It’s a very effective weapon to use against an attacker. There are also huge drawbacks to owning guns that are very well known, so there is no need to discuss here. Pepper sprays are also a great weapon to own. These can cause a lot of damage to one of our most sensitive organs- our eyes. Pepper spray is a great way to buy yourself time to get away from your attacker and get help. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Just doing a simple search on the internet will yield plenty of different weapons: From the common to the downright unusual.


DIY Chalk Hair Tutorial for Darker Hair from Studio DIY. One of the most detailed tutorials for chalk hair I’ve seen for any color of hair.  


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